What is Lemonline?

Magento extensions and add-ons

Lemonline is a webshop of add-ons for your Magento based webshop. With the add-ons and extensions you can improve, upgrade and expand the functionalities of your existing shop. We have been producing and delivering the Magento extensions since 2006.

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Part of the Ambientia Group

Lemonline is owned by Finnish company Ambientia OY. Ambientia implements and produces all new webshop projects mainly on Magento 2. You can learn more about Ambientia creations here.

Ambientia offers solutions to both B2C consumer shops and complex B2B order interfaces, so if you are looking for a supplier for a new webshop, contact us!


Why Magento®

Magento is the fastest growing open source online shop platform in the wolrd, with more than 100 000 happy shopkeepers and merchants, and thousands of developers in the world. As a platform Magento is secure, easy to use and to put into service and flexibly integratedable into other corporate information systems.


In 2009 Lemonline became the first Magento partner in Finland. From now on ( yr 2014) it is also possible to use Lemonline services in Estonia. Besides Finnish translations and Finnish payment and delivery gateways, Lemonline offers a wide range of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions, which are necessary for a webshop business in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.


General contact Estonia:

Ambientia e-commerce Estonia OÜ

Ravi 2/Tatari 43, Tallinn

Harju county, 10134


+372 648 0111